The fog

May.23. 2012

The biggest impediment to advancement, I’ve found, are the self-imposed realities we put ourselves in.

Yes, we’ve all heard it before. We’ve been told about these boxes of life we put ourselves it, but you don’t really understand what it means until you understand it. (Echoing that nugget of worldly wisdom: the game is not over until it’s over.)

Trust me on this. You have no idea what it means until you experience that realization.

I call it living in a fog.

And it takes a lot to snap out of this fog.

For years I lived in a fog, limited by what I could see, accepting it as the only reality, and unable to see anything else.

In a way, it’s part arrogance, part ignorance, and part refusal to see the wider reality.

But mostly it was ignorance. Like the proverbial frog in a well, I thought I knew everything I had to know about life and about the world.

And how can you tell someone there’s another reality out there when he’s known only one reality? How can you tell a frog the world’s a lot bigger than that well if the only reality he’s ever known is that well?

Yes, it’s not easy, it took me years and for all I know, I may still be living in another well, perhaps a little bigger than the one I was in before.

But at least I’m one step ahead of those who even refuse to acknowledge that they’re living in a well, in the prison of their limited self-imposed reality.

The first step to snapping out of the fog is to acknowledge it, that you’re living in a small reality of your own making and choosing.

And the second step is to step out of it.

The first step requires a gigantic leap of faith and vision, the second, a gigantic show of strength.

And what lies outside the fog?

Sunshine and clarity.

Everything suddenly begins to make sense.

Instead of fumbling and muddling through life, you know exactly where you want to go and you’re able to get there directly.

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