Hard truths

July.28. 2012

I’ve probably mentioned that I started reading up on self-help books a few years ago, including some of those so-called ‘business success’ books.

It seems that the more I read these books, the more I realize how full of it they are.

For example, take their usual litany of ‘principles of success.’

— Honesty, reliability, integrity, generosity.

These are supposed to be the pillars of wealth and success.

The truth is – and none of these self-help gurus will tell you this – none of these things matter .

I’ve met lots of successful people who are first-class a-holes.

Most of them got to where they are simply because they’re better at schmoozing than others, better at playing the game than others.

Then there’re those who cheat their way to the top.

And then there’re those who sleep their way to the top.

And generosity? Some of the richest guys I know (in Sibu anyway) are the stingiest. One of them is famously known for saying ‘I’ll think about it’ (translation: forget it loser) whenever he’s approached for donations.

Integrity? Forget it.

If you’re a man of integrity, you should become a monk, because in the real world, integrity is not an asset, it’s a liability. Ask Madoff and all those Wall Street super crooks how they amassed their wealth. Ask them if integrity was part of their wealth strategy.

The truth is when it comes to success, there’s only one thing that matters,

And that is energy and drive.

You see, success is a destination and to get to any destination, you need a vehicle, an engine to get you there.

Without that engine, you’re going nowhere.

So if you want to succeed at whatever you do, start getting busy, start moving towards that destination.

That’s the only secret of success you need to know.


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