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Tough call

October.27. 2012

I just voted in the elections.

It’s been a tough call.

On the one hand, you have a candidate who signed into law universal healthcare, a candidate who brought the country back from the brink, a candidate who saved the auto industry, a candidate who buried enemy #1 at sea, a candidate… (well you get my point.)

And then you have a candidate whose only reason for running seems to be to give himself and his rich buddies another tax cut when he gets elected. (Apparently 14% is not enough.)

His rationale for this bold economic plan — to grow the economy.

(As they say, ‘Yeah right!’ We’ve seen how that plan worked under Bush 43 — from surplus to deficit and financial meltdown in 8 short years.)

And whose only other vision for the country seems to be to find more opportunities to enrich his fat friends. (Such as prolonging our foreign wars [perhaps even starting another one] to keep the war industry in business, giving Medicare to the private sector, killing the USPS so private companies like UPS and Fedex can have the field to themselves.)

Yes, it’s class warfare all right – the one percent against the 99 percent.

And the chief target seems to be the middle class – bust all their unions, ship all the good paying jobs to the sweat shops in China and make them work at Walmart.

I understand it’s called trickle-down economics.

When you get your zero percent tax rate, you can buy more cars, which means you’ll have to build more elevators for those cars, which means more jobs are created.

Brilliant strategy.

What I can’t understand is, when the middle class is gone, who’s going to buy all their fancy products?