The true miracle

November.24. 2012

Like most good Catholics, I was raised on the usual diet of biblical miracle stories in my early days.

I must say the intervening years have taken their toll on my credulity and put in its place a healthy dose of skepticism.

These days, I see these miracle as more mythology than historical fact.

If you understand human nature, you will know that stories tend to get larger when they’re told and retold.

By the time a story is told a fifth time or tenth time, it may have little to do with the original event.

And of course, miracles are a dime a dozen these days too, all you have to do is turn on the TV and you’ll see these late-night televangelists ‘healing’ people in droves.

What makes their ‘miracles’ any different from the ones purportedly performed by Jesus?

The answer came to me one day, while driving to work.

The true miracle of Jesus has nothing to do with these ‘miracles.’

The true miracle of Jesus is that a man two thousand years ago could have come up with his outrageous ideas of love and compassion, ideas that still have difficulty taking hold even two thousand years later, as evidenced by all the strife around us.

(The irony — some of these strifes created by the very people who claim to be his followers.)

It’s truly amazing if you think about it, that someone could have attained that level of enlightenment two thousand years ago.

The other two miracles, of course, are Lao Tzu and Buddha, two other similarly enlightened individuals.

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