May.17. 2013

For me, all popular acts are suspect. In fact, popularity itself is suspect. If everyone likes the same thing, there must be something wrong with it.

This is especially true here in the US.

Where talentless media hoes go from one PR stunt to another, and the whole country seems to be transfixed by the spectacles.

In the world of music, I find the most exciting acts in the indie scene. And in my own rarefied world of the CG, I find the so-called ‘great artists’ hogging the limelight, mediocre at best.

(Yes, I can say that here, away from my other blog, where I have to show a little bit more restraint in my critical assessments.)

But sometimes, I’ll have to say that my theory is proven wrong.

Sometimes, popularity is a sign of greatness.

One such is Bruce Lee, and the other is Sudirman.

What can one say about Sudirman?

Super entertainer, singer, actor, choreographer, dancer, and cartoonist, not to mention lawyer.

To me, however, the best part of Sudirman is his singing. No one can match the raw emotion in his voice, his total expression, not now, not ever. Well, perhaps Michael Jackson at his best.

And Hazami comes close, but Hazami tries too hard. When you try too hard, it becomes no longer believable.

Just listen to Sudirman sing Pelangi Petang.

Listen to that raw emotion. Listen to how he fills every word with expression and emotion. The tremor in his voice, the sheer artistry of each note. Every note is literally a cry from the heart.

But isn’t that what all good singers do? Don’t they all sing with emotion?

Not really.

Here’s Siti Nurhaliza singing the same song.

All very pretty stuff, but behind that glam and showbiz is only formulaic gestures and manufactured ‘emotion.’

Def Gab c does a rock and roll version which is pretty good but still don’t come close.

Listening to Sudirman one day, I had a sudden epiphany. The difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ lies in believability.

‘Good’ leaves you impressed.

But ‘great’ leaves you breathless and utterly blown away, you feel as if you’ve just experienced something profound and powerful, and looked right into someone’s soul.


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