Winners are losers 2

June.2. 2013

This post is an extension of the last.

It’s clear that not all winners are losers.

Because wherever you look, there are many highly successful people who do not subscribe to the win-win strategy.

For them it’s the win-lose strategy and you’re the one that’s in the latter category.

How are these winners losers?

It’s a matter of timing.

If you were to see Khaddafy and Madoff five years ago, you would probably have included them in this group of win-lose ‘highly successful winners.’

But look at them now. They don’t look so hot anymore.

Everything catches up with you eventually, if not today, tomorrow.

All religions recognize this. Some of them call it the day of reckoning, others karma. And Jesus told a parable about it – the parable of the sower.

For me, I just see it as the inner workings of nature.

Nature is not dead, it responds. For example:

If you don’t water your plants, they will die.

If you don’t do your yard, you will get a jungle out there soon.

If you insult your neighbor, they will find a way to insult you back one day.

It works the other way too.

If you take care of your plants, they will bloom and blossom.

If you do your yard, you will have a great lawn.

And if you treat your neighbors well, they will treat you well too.

Sometimes, nature’s response may not be so timely; sometimes it may not be so direct. One thing for sure though, it will happen as surely as the sun will rise.


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