The 3 generations curse

July.20. 2013

I only got to hear of the 3 generations curse recently. It’s an interesting observation – that a family’s fortune will not last more than three generations.

While some may attribute the curse to just wishful thinking on the part of some very jealous poor people, it’s hard to deny that some evidence of the curse do exist.

For instance, in a town in Sarawak, there’s a three-storey mansion by the river where the scion of one of the town’s most elite lived quite a few years ago. Legend had it that he even bought an aquatic car, a car that could go on water because the particular road he built his mansion on was prone to flooding.

So where’re the descendants of this very illustrious family? Nowhere to be found. And the three-storey house now lies abandoned, probably haunted by all the ghosts of yesterday’s past. And it all happened within 3 generations.

If you look closer, you’ll see that the curse even extends to the reign of a country –  specifically, the White Rajahs who ruled Sarawak for 100 years. Within three generations, one founder, one builder, one squanderer, and it’s all over. Interesting to note that the last one is always the playboy.

So where’s the lesson in all this?

Of course, it’s not really a curse. It’s just the inner workings of nature (I think I’ve mentioned something like this before somewhere.)

So how do you escape this karma?

Awareness is the key, and compassion and a good heart, and not to get too carried by your present glories, because everything under heaven is fleeting, and whatever you have will be taken away from you and your descendants if you let them get to your head.

Or in the words of Graham Nash, “Teach your children well.”

2 Responses to “The 3 generations curse”

  1. Flora Tie Says:

    Ling Beng Siong?

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