Amazing grace

August.4. 2013

One of the most amazing things that happens in life is that moment when you experience a new insight.

One moment, you don’t know, the next you do.

It’s almost as if a fog has lifted and now suddenly, everything is perfectly clear to you.

It’s what you might call a moment of amazing grace.

These moments can come in a few ways.

An event can trigger it.

Something out of the ordinary happens, and instantly, your present reality is turned upside down, and you begin to see things in a different light.

Or it can be the result of a search.

You’d be looking for years, practicing, meditating, and then, suddenly, the truth reveals itself to you and in that instant, you know exactly what to do.

It can come from something as common and ordinary as books.

Books are windows into someone else’s mind, and there’s an incredible wealth of information and knowledge out there, just waiting to be discovered.

Or it can come from other people. A casual conversation with friends, or perhaps a word from a teacher can remove a mental block and give you that breakthrough.

I live for these moments, always waiting for the next one to occur.

And never quite knowing what it’s going to be.

Is it going to be another revolutionary technique I can apply on the guitar?

Or a new way of playing an old tune? (In fact, I’m currently working on just one such tune, trying to breathe new life into it but that moment of AG seems quite elusive for now.)

Or is it another angle on life that I haven’t seen before?

Whatever it is, these moments always bring me closer to that state of self-knowing that I strive for.

It’s often been said that life is for learning.

I say that life is for experiencing – these special flashes of illumination.


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