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May you live in crazy times

October.3. 2013

Years ago, I heard a story, which may or may not be true.

Someone told me that if you got into a cab in a certain country in the Middle East, (which will remain unnamed) and the driver had an accident when he was driving you to your destination, he could sue you because if you hadn’t gotten into his cab in the first place, he would never have had the accident.

Weird logic, you might say.

But it seems, more and more, this kind of logic is beginning to manifest itself in all kinds of places.

For example, if you’re a biker and you and your buddies are out there having fun, and you spot this young Asian guy with his family in a fancy SUV, and you and your buddies decide he’s a good target for some ‘brake checking’ fun.

(Young Asian males are particularly attractive targets, because you know if you picked some burly white guy, you might find that he’s got something hidden in his glove compartment.)

So you pull in front of the SUV and suddenly. without warning, slow down (a technique called ‘brake check’), and the driver, unable to stop in time, (perhaps he was distracted by all your biker buddies surrounding his car) hit you.

Well, that’s grounds for a lawsuit.

Because it’s the driver’s fault he was tailgating you, and why didn’t he slam on the brakes?

And when the driver stopped his SUV and got out to check on you, and you and your buddies surround him, and fearing for his life and the life of his family, he got back into the car and sped off, and accidentally ran over you, and broke your leg as well as puncture your lungs.

Well, how reckless! That’s grounds for another lawsuit – fleeing the scene of a crime.

In politics too, you get the same cockamamie logic.

So you and your buddies have this thing against the President, and you want to bring him down at all cost and deny him his legacy, even at the cost of wrecking the country’s economy. And what better way to do this than to shut the government down.

Well who’s to blame for the shutdown?

The President of course!

If he had never enacted the healthcare law, the government would never have been shut down.

Truly, we live in wonderful times.

You’ve probably heard of that curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

Well, there’s another curse that’s even more frightening.

“May you live in crazy times.”