Why don’t they eat cake

November.16. 2013

I just heard Gov Rick Scott of Florida offering this bit of advice in an interview on Bloomberg News:

“The best way to get insurance is to get a job.”

Amazing why the President didn’t think of that solution to our healthcare crisis instead of creating the mess that is Obamacare.

I can think of similar advice that can be offered.

To the starving millions affected by drought and famine, “The best way to fill your stomach is to find food.”

To the homeless on the streets of America, “The best way to have a roof over your head is to buy a home.”

And to Gov Rick Scott, himself a potential member of the Hair Club for Men, “The best way to avoid baldness is to grow hair.”

It brings to mind that other bit of profound advice offered by a famous Queen. On finding that her subjects had no bread to eat, she asked. “Why don’t they eat cake?”


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