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Mohu and Roku

December.19. 2013

Two innocent sounding words that should strike fear into the hearts of greedy cable operators across the country.

Yes, the writing’s on the wall.

Cable TV is going the way of the old telephone landline.

And not a moment too soon.

For years, America’s been chaffing under the yoke of the cable slave masters who would exact their pound of flesh every month from their captive audiences.

$28 a month just for basic TV?

That’s the definition of greed and that’s what they were charging before I cut the cord and bought the twins, Mohu and Roku.

And liberation has never tasted so sweet.

Slave masters all throughout history have never understood one thing.

Nothing lasts forever. The more you would squeeze your unwilling captives, the faster your end will come.

Because as one of my good friends would say.

“People can count.”


December.15. 2013

Desperation can make people do crazy things.

And such is the case, it seems, with Googleplus, the FB wannabee and sorry loser in the battle for your trivia pursuit.

So now, to try to boost their numbers, they’ve hit on a plan to require all youtube commenters to join their community.

I’m sure that strategy is going to go down really well.

People love to be forced against their will to join redundant and stupid ‘communities.’

In the meantime, if someone can recommend another good video site…