Another commentary

January.4. 2014

I stopped using Google Chrome a few years ago. Somehow a browser that keeps on nagging me to log into my Google account scared the bejesus out of me.

Who are they kidding?

Provide a better web-surfing experience for me? Or enable them to track my every move online so they can sell more ads?

(As an aside, apparently, Google was among six tech companies who sent a letter to Congress recently, calling for enhanced privacy protections. Nice! If anyone knows “privacy protection,” it’s Google!)

Back to the subject at hand.

Since then, I’ve stopped using Gmail and opened a few other email accounts on some other sites.

Now they’re forcing youtube commenters to open a Google+ account.

I guess the word “over-reach” does not mean anything to them.

Or the fact that the internet is full of options and all of them just one click away.

True, youtube is a special resource and one that I’m reluctant to give up at this time – yes, I admit, they do have the upper hand there.

But perhaps the word “Yahoo” might ring a bell.

There was a time when Yahoo was riding high, when it was impossible to get your site listed with them. But now, you might say “Ya-Who?”

Back to the geniuses at Google.

A business plan that forces users to sign up for useless sites is clearly a sign of desperation, one that I have written about before.

But why?

Why aren’t they satisfied with what they have?

And leave the social media junkies to FB?

And focus on what they have – the greatest search engine in the whole worldwide web, the best video site (for now) and a (formerly) great email service.

As one Mr. Gekko might say:

“Greed is not good. It dissipates your energy. You end up chasing one bandwagon after another, and pretty soon, you’re just another has-been with no special niche.”

I think Mr. Yang might concur with that assessment.

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