Way to go

January.5. 2014

One of the best ways to make money in a free capitalistic society is to make it off the sick and the handicapped.


Because they’re helpless and easy pickings.

That’s something the healthcare industry in the US found out long ago.

Their modus operandi is to wait until someone is in their clutches, or as they call it, “under their care.”

And then it’s a free for all.

You can pretty much charge anything you want when the patient is in your facility with a serious condition. Where else could he/she go?

I’ve heard that they charge $15 for a Tylenol pill, and $53 for a pair of gloves in some hospitals. (I got these figures simply by googling “hospital charges Tylenol”).

In any other business, this kind of practice would be called price gouging but here in the US, if you’re a hospital, it’s politely called “overinflated prices.”

Yes, they say we have the best healthcare system in the world.

And no one disputes that.

But after they heal you, you might want to commit suicide when you see your hospital bill. Bankruptcy is not a fun way to enjoy your new lease on life.

And what do these profiteers do with all their ill-begotten gains?

They line the pockets of their CEOs with cash and bonuses. I admit these “rainmakers” definitely deserve part of the loot for presiding over one of the biggest scams on the American people.

But the US health industry is not the only one with their sights on the sick and the handicapped.

I recently read a headline from a newspaper in Borneo.

“Exorbitant fees for usage of wheelchairs at airports”

(If you want to read the article, just google that with quotes.)

Apparently, a local airline, Air Asia, have decided that they will also get into the business of ripping off the sick and the invalid. They’ve now increased the fee for using their wheelchairs from RM12 to RM60 (US$4 to US20).

So now their new tagline is:

“Now Everyone Can Fly (except the wheelchair-bound who have to pay a hefty premium for the use of our wheelchairs)”

Way to go, Mr. Fernandez, congratulations on discovering another way to rip off your unwary customers.


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