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Vigilante justice

May.8. 2014

This headline caught my eye recently:

“Raped Aceh woman may be caned”

Apparently, a woman was observed by a group of villagers consorting with a married man. They followed her to her house where they found her allegedly in the act of committing a religious offense.

They were so outraged by her lack of morals, they decided to tie her up and took turns raping her, to punish her for her crime.

After taking turns ‘administering’ their form of justice,“The group then handed the woman and man to the village chief,” according to the newspaper report.


Some kind of justice.

Vigilantes who do not believing in wasting their opportunities.

It does point to one thing.

It must be great to be a man in some parts of the world, especially if you have the law on your side.

You get to administer your justice, have some fun at the same time, and the best part is, your rape victim gets caned.