Secrets of the 1 percent

June.20. 2014

What do you do when you’re at the top of your game? When you are the 1 percent?

The first order of the day is self-preservation; you’ll have to make sure you maintain your place in society so that others do not usurp it.

In this, take a lesson from a certain group of upper-class people in one ancient country.

These wealthy upper-class folks decided to seal their places in society in stone, and thus was born the caste system.

Brilliant plan.

(Especially the part about calling the lowest of the low “untouchables.” Years later, the system is still in place, testimony to the ingenuity behind the scheme.)

In our time, we see similar efforts in self-preservation at play, except that the methods of oppression used these days are a bit more subtle.

You wouldn’t find a clearly defined caste system, no, that will never fly in an advanced enlightened time like ours.

No, the trick is to create the system in the people’s own minds.

There’re two ways to creating this system.

The first is to create a mindset of defeat, a mindset that tells the person that he’s unworthy of anything but the crumbs in society.

Once you’ve created this servile mindset, you’ve created that ‘untouchable class’ of the mind.

How do you achieve this?

You give out freebies.

Yes, freebies. Because once you’ve hooked the people on freebies, they’ll be dependent on you forever.

Freebies are anything that you get without having to give back anything in return, like food stamps, or any of the other so-called entitlement programs out there.

No, I have nothing against charity and helping the poor, but once charity becomes institutionalized, it’s no longer charity, but enslavement programs.

It’s like you’re the Good Samaritan and you’re forcing the poor guy you rescued to go back to the side of the road everyday so you can keep on rescuing him.

Sure, it’ll make you feel good but how do you think he will feel?

It’s good to help your neighbor once in a while, especially when he’s down and out, but if you make it happen on a regular basis, your only rationale to doing it would be to keep him down and out forever.

And why would you want him to stay down and out forever?

Because if he gets up, he might want to take your place.

The second way is to drown the people in mind-numbing pursuits, and make them forget everything but their need for self-gratification.

And in this, technology has been the 1 percent’s best friend.

Just go to any public place and you will see entire segments of the population engrossed in their hand-held devices and their social media, completely oblivious, it seems, to the world around them.

Once a person has sold his/her soul to facebook and twitter, they can forget about ambition and rising above their present stations in life (and taking your place in society too).

No, they have more pressing concerns, like trying to get more FB followers, and getting more selfies online so others can admire their wonderful and glorious life.

With technology at your side, you don’t have to create any underclass; it’s all been done for you.

And the best part is, you get to cash in on the loot generated by all this mania for trendiness too.

Which brings to mind another time, another place, where an aggressive group of people decided that to ensure their superiority and at the same time make some money, they would force a certain underclass nation to drown themselves in opium.


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