The concept of monetization

July.2. 2014

I was made aware of how simple small town values are recently.

I heard about this pangang maker who had an order for 100 pangangs but turned it down because he had other things to do.

(What are pangangs? They’re coconut rice dumplings wrapped in banana leaves and barbecued, and yes, the flavor is out of this world.)

Wasn’t interested but think about all that money he lost simply by turning the offer down!

But that’s the thing about small towns, there’re other things more important than money.

I can imagine the guy probably had plans for the evening, and he wasn’t going to sacrifice those plans, not even for the princely sum the 100 piece pangang would have brought him.

And this is the difference between small towns and big towns.

In big towns, money is king. In big towns, they will do anything for money, including sell their grandmothers (okay, maybe not).

Like I heard about this big town big-time politician who is selling reverse mortgages on TV.

(Reverse mortgages are, of course, just a fancy way of calling home loans using your house as collateral.)

The biggest tagline of this one-time former politician: “You still get to own your home.”

Yeah right! If you believe that, you’ll believe in the tooth fairy (and that the loans do not have to be paid off with the proceeds from the sale of your home eventually.)

His second biggest selling pitch: “And there’s no credit check!”

And why would they need a credit check when you’re going to give up your house as collateral? Talk about obfuscation!

Speaking of politicians peddling their reputations for hard cash, there was another guy years ago who went on national TV to reveal to the entire nation that he had ED and by golly! that problem was gone after he took Viagra.

I’m sure that famous ad was the high point in that politician’s illustrious career.

The name of the game here is ‘monetization.’

Or in layman’s terms, ‘cashing in on what you got.’

Monetization is of course a concept that goes back to the world’s oldest profession, when people, usually women, who didn’t have many marketable resources, had to resort to monetizing the only asset they had – their bodies.

So in a sense, big town values are based on the world’s oldest profession.

Don’t care about pride, or shame, or dignity, or self-respect, or taking advantage of hapless old folks in need of a little cash. It’s all about bringing in the hard cash, and everything’s fair game for your schemes.

Going back to the pangang maker, that kind of small town integrity is rare and admirable.

After all, why put so much emphasis on money?

Once it’s spent, it’s gone, but time spent having a good time with friends or family, doing what you want, is worth more than all the money in the world, and the memories stay with you forever.


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