Nobody’s fool

July.20. 2014

I’ve noticed that people generally have specific roles they want  you to play. And if you do not want to play along, they get upset.

I don’t have a problem with playing their roles.

Trouble is, most of the roles they want you to play is that of the fool.

So you have freeloaders who expect you to play their so-called ‘benefits’ for free and they expect you to do it out of the ‘goodness of your heart.’

And if you refuse, well, they’ll level accusations of ‘mercenary,’ ‘money minded,’ ‘money face.’

So I guess the next time I go to a restaurant, I can refuse to pay the bill and if the owner insists I pay, well, I can tell him he’s being mercenary and a money face too.

And then there’s this guitar colleague of mine.

Years ago, noticing my absence from some guitar festivals, he pointedly told me, “You need to get into the loop, Philip; you’re out of the loop.”

What he’s really saying of course is, “Come to our festival. We need you to play our fool and become our fan.”

Go to these mindless social occasions to watch one mediocre player after another pontificate on some finer points of guitar technique like how to hold your hand, at which angle etc etc? No thanks, I would rather stay home and practice.

Naturally, he was upset that I refused to play the role of his fool or fan and never spoke to me after that.

Religion especially is adept at playing these games with your mind and make it seem like you’re the party at fault.

If you dare to question any of the established rules and doctrines they’ve laid down for you, you’re called proud and arrogant, and you need to get rid of this ‘sin of pride.’

Years ago, I had the audacity to ask a question of my religious instruction teacher in school and straightaway, I was branded proud and arrogant.

Well, if trying to make sense of your complicated rules and doctrines is a sin, I plead guilty.

The Self-Appointed Son of God of whom I wrote about recently understands this mind twisting technique very well and plays it to the hilt.

He constantly reminds his congregation in words and song that they must ‘surrender to God’s will’ and not be proud.

And what’s God’s will?

Surprise, surprise, it’s the Appointed Son’s will.

Here, he’s expecting his congregation to play the role of mindless robots who would obey his every command and not question them. This is an ingenious way to control the minds of your followers, because you know the moment they start questioning you, your house of cards will start tumbling down.

(I mean, the Appointed Son of God with the name of a Greek god? Gimme a break. I think I will have less trouble believing in the tooth fairy.)

I can go on and on but the roles people expect us to play are endless.

It’s an ingenious ploy, a power trip, to get you to do what they want you to do, usually to serve their own interests.

Getting free music for their functions, getting you to become their fan, getting you to become their follower so you can pay your 10% ‘tithe’ so that they can live their lavish lifestyles.

All self-serving ploys.

And you’re the one that’s at fault if you don’t give them what they want.

You’re the one that’s too proud, or a money face, or you’re being uncooperative.

Whatever it is, never let yourself be manipulated by those who would try to control you and make use of you.

Be proud, be arrogant. Be uncooperative.

It doesn’t matter what they call you, as long as you stay true to yourself, and not compromise your freedom to live life on your own terms, and not somebody else’s terms.

In other words, don’t become nobody’s fool.


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