Old school

July.21. 2014

I’ve been coming back regularly to Borneo these past few years, mostly out of filial duty.

In the beginning, I used to look up old friends and classmates to reconnect and share some food with, but these past few years, I’ve decided to keep to myself. Better to leave the past behind and focus on the present.

Because I’ve found that the only thing more oppressive than the heat in Borneo is the pettiness of old schoolmates.

Despite all the water that has flowed under the bridge, these people are still apparently living their old personal rivalries and jealousies.

I was told about a recent class reunion.

I heard it was a successful event, everyone showed up, well, close to everyone. There were a few who didn’t make it, including one classical guitarist in Texas.

And when someone asked in passing about the missing classical guitarist, one person instantly saw that as an opportunity to unload some dirt.

Wow, talk about having an agenda.

And very convenient to heap dirt on someone when he’s not around to defend himself.

That’s what I mean about the old pettiness being worse than the heat in Sibu.

As I see it, when people are not happy at the mention of your name, it means you’re doing something right, so I’m not worried.

Perhaps it reminds them too much of their own inadequacies, perhaps they have an old axe to grind. Who knows what the motive is.

Whatever it is, if it makes them happy to unload that crap they’ve been carrying all these years, well, so be it

I can only hope it makes them feel much better after that.


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