It takes all kinds

October.23. 2014

Reading the headlines today, I’m made ever more aware of how different people are—how different our priorities and outlooks on life.

Take for example the NY doctor who was just diagnosed with Ebola.

Why would anyone in their right mind go to some godforsaken country and help the fight against this dreaded disease?

Crazy, and look where this insanity landed him, in some isolation unit in a hospital battling the disease himself.

And then there’s this report of this man who went attacking some cops with a hatchet in NY.

Just goes to show how different we all are.

What would motivate one man to travel halfway around the world to help some strangers combat a deadly disease at great risk to himself and another man to go on a murderous rampage with a hatchet?

As they say, it takes all kinds to make up the world.

And it seems to me they’re mostly divided into two groups—those who build and those who destroy what the other group built.

Building is hard. It takes months, even years, to build a house or any other structure for that matter.

But it only takes a few minutes to bring it down.

So there’s no glory in destruction. Any fool can do it.

But to build something of value, of worth; that’s something else altogether and to do it with complete disregard for one’s personal safety for no other reason than to help your fellowmen.

That’s my definition of hero.

Here’s wishing Dr. Spencer a speedy recovery and thank you sir, for your service.


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