It takes wisdom to recognize wisdom

October.30. 2014

It takes wisdom to recognize wisdom.

—Walter Lippman

The superior man when he hears the dao, practices it diligently; the mediocre man when he hears the dao, practices it sometimes; and the fool when he hears the dao, ridicules it.

—Tao Te Ching

Wisdom is hard to recognize, especially when one is not in a receptive state of mind.

I know, I’ve made the mistake myself more times than I care to admit.

How many times in the past had I heard some great piece of wisdom, and instead of learning from it, went on to ridicule it.

That’s why the quote from Mr. Lippman made such a strong impression on me. And why I instantly recognized the passage in the TTC as a commentary on some of my past follies.

These days, I try not to dismiss anything outright.

I weigh everything I hear.

There’s still a cynicism in me that tells me that most of what I hear is garbage, usually self-serving tactics and ploys to enslave you or your mind, or corporate propaganda to con and rob you.

But there’s another side of me that’s constantly on the lookout for wisdom.

And one thing I’ve learned is that wisdom is a lot rarer than garbage.

For every little piece of wisdom you gain, you might have to sift through a thousand pieces of garbage, but it’s all worth it.

Because wisdom has the power to alter your perceptions and change your life in dramatic ways.

Sometimes, all you need is that one small piece of wisdom to completely transform yourself and go from a state of abject ignorance to one of enlightenment and achievement.

So how do you know what’s wisdom and what’s garbage?

In their powers of transformation.

Wisdom empowers and uplifts you and those around you, while garbage brings you down and destroys you and those around you.


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