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Enquiring minds want to know

November.8. 2014

So I see they have a new show on CNN called “This is Life.”

Riveting show.

I love seedy exposés and it does show Ms Ling’s obsessions. Or is it just good marketing?

We all know the Law of Sweeps Week.

Find the juiciest stories, make sure there’s plenty of s*x and titillating shots, because it’s all about ratings, baby.

Yes, Ms Ling’s obsessions.

Apparently, every week is Sweeps Week for her.

One week it’s about sugar daddies and the losers who live off them.

Then it’s strippers.

So whose life is this?

What about custodians? Or nurses? Or schoolteachers? Are they not living lives worthy of a little exposé too?

Not according to Ms Ling.

This week, it’s strippers. I’m guessing lapdancers are on next week.

The once proud CNN, now reduced to sleaze merchant. As they say, enquiring minds want to know.


Update: November 27, 2014

Inadvertently, while surfing channels the other day, I happened to see the talented and beautiful Ms Ling in action again.

I would’ve skipped to the next channel, but what was this?

She’s interviewing a Catholic priest! No lapdancers but a priest instead. Thinking that I owe Ms Ling an apology, I decided to listen in on the conversation.

And surprise, surprise!

Instead of some profound spiritual discourse that you might expect with a man of the cloth, the conversation was about intimacy (translation: S*X) and dating.

Ah, Ms Ling’s obsessions.

Guess no apology needed.

4 long years

November.7. 2014

For the past 4 years I’ve been on a journey, seeking for a special kind of wisdom, a personal Holy Grail of sorts.

It’s been a long 4 years.

The problem with wisdom journeys like this is that you’re never sure of the outcome, whether you are indeed going to find what you’re searching for or whether it’s just some fool’s gold you’re looking for.

But I was fired up with energy.

Because I knew that the Holy Grail existed. I had seen it in my dreams (literally) and heard it in my mind’s ear.

So I knew it was just a matter of time. Just a matter of continuous digging and never giving up.

One thing about a journey like this, there were many false alarms along the way.

Each time, I thought I had found it, it turned out to be a false lead.

Other people would have given up after one year or even two years of fruitless searching, but not me. Giving up is not in my vocabulary.

And so I persisted, one year, two years, three years.

And always hoping that today is the day that I find it.

And of course always coming up empty.

I have a good friend who I confided in about my search and every time I told this friend that I thought I have found it, all I heard was a kind of silence that said, ‘Yes, I’ve heard that one before.’

But one thing I’ve always believed in is that if you want something badly enough, you will find it.

That’s not just wishful thinking, it’s a basic law of nature.

Because if you search long enough, you will eventually cover every piece of territory, turn over every stone, follow every lead, try every option, and eventually you will get to that one stone that’s hiding the treasure, you will find the option that will give you the answers you’re searching for.

Just a matter of time.

The operative words here are of course, “badly enough.”

You have to want something badly enough to search for 4 years.

So here’re the two lessons I learned.

First, be prepared for many false leads in your search. But never give up. Few people will hit the jackpot on the first attempt.

Second, things are always a bit more complicated than you expect. Sometimes, to get to point C, you have to get to points A and B first. In other words, before you can arrive at the level represented by C, you’ll have to first have the right conditions in place and those conditions are the levels represented by points A and B.

Good heart struck by lightning

November.3. 2014

Interesting how the President’s numbers are so low. With everything’s he’s accomplished so far, you would think they would be in the stratosphere.

Yes, I know everything’s not perfect, but look at the big picture.

Unemployment at 5.9 percent, the best since he took office.

The Dow reaching record heights every other week.

Health care for the uninsured.

Country at relative peace. No major wars draining the country’s coffers.

And yes, let’s not forget enemy #1 resting at the bottom of the sea, keeping the good fishes company.

Compared to the financial meltdown of 2008, things are looking pretty good. And yet, for some reason, the electorate is not happy with this record.

And they’re looking to bring back the crowd who gave us the good old days.

When the country was embroiled in two wars, casualties everyday on the evening news, the nation’s surplus turned into a deficit overnight, warlords getting away with record profits, while the stock market took a free fall, and we were all poised over the abyss at the end of ‘08.

It reminds me of an old Chinese adage that my mother is fond of quoting.

“Good heart struck by lightning.”

Don’t expect people to thank you for your good deeds. On the contrary, be prepared to be blamed and maligned for whatever problems they have.

Or to use an example.

If people fall into a river and you rescue them, be prepared for them to blame you for why they fell into the river in the first place.

The sequel

November.2. 2014

Dirty tricks in politics are not new, in fact, you can say the two go hand in hand, like toast and butter. If you have politics, you will inevitably get dirty tricks.

The reason is because of money. We all know that politics is not about power but about money.

Politicians don’t become politicians to serve the people; they become politicians to line their pockets.

This is true everywhere in the world. The easiest way to become a millionaire or even billionaire is to become a politician. You can say that politics is the universal golden goose.

And power?

Well, that’s only the means to an end, which is of course money. Power always brings with it money.

So it’s no surprise that politicians will do anything to do away with those who would threaten them their golden goose.

In America, there’s a whole arsenal of dirty tricks available, from redistricting to vote suppression to trying to dig up dirt on your opponent.

Yes, pretty dirty, but all these pale into insignificance when you compare them to a courtroom drama that’s currently unfolding in another country.

What do you do when someone, let’s say, a very charismatic leader of the opposition begin to actually kill (or steal) your golden goose by winning big in a previous election?

Well, you play the same old dirty trick that an earlier politician had played on this very same politician. (Is this plagiarism or theft of intellectual property?)

You do a sequel, and you call it Sodomy II!

Yes, gripping title, almost as exciting as Rambo II.

And the details are equally thrilling. The headlines themselves are enough to take your breath away.

“Lube, prior encounters made injury-free penetration possible” screams the latest headline.

For someone who’s not in on the sequel, this sounds like some mysterious oil change gone wrong. Some kind of lube job!

Imagine to yourself, the best legal minds of the country, in the nation’s highest court, arguing about whether the lube job was good enough to avoid tears in some unmentionable orifice of some imaginary encounter that allegedly took place between two consenting adults.

The point of all this?

It comes down to money. So much of it at stake.

Since redistricting is not an option, and vote suppressing didn’t work the last time, hey, let’s resurrect a quaint and ancient law and put this trouble maker behind bars for the foreseeable future.

One thing you can say is at least they’re going through the proper legal channels to do it, unlike what the authorities did to Mandela.