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The Theory of Everything

April.13. 2015

It was said that after he discovered the theory of relativity, Einstein set out to try to uncover the secret of all secrets–the theory of everything.

A principle that ties in all the disparate forces in the universe.

He never found it.

That doesn’t mean of course that it isn’t there. I believe one day, someone will find it.

But the idea is intriguing and one that particularly resonates with me.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always believed in reducing things to their basic elements in an effort to understand them.

It’s what I tried to do with the Art of Virtuosity, where I was able to identify basic principles that are crucial to virtuosity.

Well, the other day, I uncovered, purely by accident, one even more basic principle that ties in all these principles.

This principle is so powerful, I have to call it the theory of everything (well at least for the guitar).

I have been aware of the principle for years and have written about it in numerous short articles.

But I had not been aware of its role as the principle that connects all other principles.

What is this principle?

Without giving away the plot too much, I’ll have to say that it involves the fingertips.

A way of manipulating the energy at your fingertips so that they function like automated engines.

This principle is so powerful that when you discover it, speed, power, and precision occur effortlessly.

Your fingers will seem to be filled with a special kind of energy, they will seem to play themselves.

Of course, this may sound like so much mumbo jumbo to some.

It is always hard to understand something when you haven’t experienced it yourself. But believe me, this principle is very real and its results are very real.

So how do you discover this secret for yourself?

Practice is the key, many hours of practice, countless hours.

Next, patience—because you’re probably not going to get it next week, or maybe even next year, or the year after. So how long do you have to wait? As long as it takes.

And an open heart, no preconceptions. Just give your body and fingers complete freedom to explore and go where their instincts lead them.