Additional thoughts

September.21. 2015

So how about the principles of lightness and fluidity and rhythm?

Do they apply to the virtuosity of life also?

Yes, but in more subtle ways.

In the performance of physical movements, those elements exist at a physical level.

When you watch musicians or dancers or any other performance artists, what you see are the physical manifestations of those principles.

In life, however, the principles exist at a metaphysical level.

For example, lightness of touch in physical activity becomes lightness of approach in life.

To be light in life, you avoid conflicts, you tread lightly in your daily interactions. Instead of forcing situations, you allow them to play out naturally.

All this makes for a relatively stress-free existence.

Which enables you to focus fully on what you do.

Fluidity, another key virtuoso principle, is reflected in how we transition from one action to another.

In physical activity, fluidity is mostly achieved through anticipation.

The same is true in life.

In life, you exist in a state where the present is not some static thing that has to be experienced mindfully, whatever that is.

Instead the present is a dynamic thing that is constantly moving and evolving.

So instead of focusing on the present moment, you focus on the next moment.

And when it arrives, you’re already on the next moment again.

In this way, you’re always ready, you’re never caught by surprise.

It allows you to transition seamlessly from one moment of life to the next, from one cycle to the next.

Rhythm is timing in both the physical and metaphysical realms.

It is self explanatory so no further words needed.

So too the other principles, that of economy, looseness or release.


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