Additional thoughts 2

September.25. 2015

One way to look at the virtuoso life is from a materialistic viewpoint.

Consider a doctor and a guy in the street pushing a shopping cart rummaging through trashcans for discarded soda cans.

How many soda cans do you think does the guy need to find before he can make a buck?

And how long does he have to push that cart around before he finds enough of them to make a buck?

That’s a life of struggle.

Compare that existence to that of a doctor who can easily make a few hundred bucks with a 5 minute diagnosis.

One person is a virtuoso in terms of earning power, the other is just struggling.

From this angle, virtuosity in life does have a strong materialistic component. That’s not surprising given that we live in a materialistic society.

So does that reduce the pursuit of virtuosity in life to the pursuit of material wealth?

No, but in one of those ironies of nature, even if material gain is not a goal of virtuosity, it is usually a byproduct.

That is, if you achieve virtuosity in some area of life, your virtuosity will almost always translate into material success.

(Material wealth in itself, however, is not always an indicator of virtuosity as in the case of someone who gains his wealth from an inheritance, through no virtuoso effort of his own.)

Let’s say if you are a plumber and you achieve a high level of virtuosity in your work and this result in outstanding work.

Your customers love you for your attention to detail and workmanship (all characteristics of the virtuoso mindset), soon word gets around and in no time at all, you have more work than you know what to do with.

But if you’re one of those plumbers who can’t wait to be done with your work and your work is so bad, your customers have to call other plumbers to fix what you’ve done, with this kind of shoddy attitude, who’s going to call you back again?

And if no one calls you for more work, you may have to start looking for that shopping cart to push around soon.

The same is true in every field, every line of work.

If you put everything you have into your work, you will come up with extraordinary results, and extraordinary work is almost always rewarded with material success.

So the key to a life of virtuosity is to focus on execution, to become a virtuoso in what you do.

When you achieve this virtuosity in life, all the material wealth and success that you need will automatically flow towards you.

You don’t even have to search for it, it will happen naturally of its own accord.


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