December.9. 2015

Just watched a PBS Newshour story on gun control. (Typical knee jerk reporting from the lame stream media.)

Somehow the focus shifted to Australia and their gun control laws after the 1996 massacre. Apparently the conservative PM of the time, John Howard, had to ram the legislation through despite opposition from his own party. But he did it, which includes complete background checks and a ban on all assault weapons.

In the story, the reporter asked an Aussie gun shop owner how he felt about the legislation, since he could be making a lot more money if it had not been enacted, to which he replied, “There are some things more important than money.”

Now here’s a man who’s got his priorities all wrong.

There’s nothing more important than money!

Who cares about a couple dozen kids blown to pieces in their school or some holiday party goers going down in a hail of bullets.

It’s all about making money, and the more you can make, the better.

I suggest he come to this great country and learn a thing or two from the NRA about priorities.

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