The Three Wise Men from the East

December.10. 2015

On this advent season, my thoughts turn once again to the three Wise Men from the East.

No, not the fabled three riding on their camels through the desert following the Wandering Star, but rather the other three wise men, the three who actually left their wisdom behind.

Buddha, Jesus, and Lao Tzu.

It’s interesting how the three perfectly complemented each other.

One dealt with how to live with oneself–by following the middle path.

One dealt with how to live with others–by loving your neighbor.

And one dealt with how to live life itself–by working with nature.

Three great philosophers, each dealing with one area of life.

If you think about it, these are the great fundamental issues of life:

Living with oneself.

Living with others.

And living life itself.

Interesting too, how all three had their philosophies later twisted and turned into organized religions that were more intent on enslaving man’s minds than in freeing them.


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