Down to 3

May.5. 2016

So now the field is down to 3, it’ll be interesting how this plays out.

My preference is of course for the man with the ‘burn.’

I’ve had buyer’s remorse these past few years, the man who promised change (Yes we can [What a phony!]) ended up giving us more of the same. The same Wall Street crooks, the same pandering to the corporations.

His most consequential piece of legislation—another give-away to the insurance fat cats. Instead of going down, insurance rates have gone up and worse, now if you can’t afford it, they slap you with a hefty fine.

And of course the person who wants to fill his shoes have already made secret speeches to these same fat cat Wall Street crooks. (The same Wall Street mega company which made a killing from one of their deals with a third world country.)

You wonder what kind of promises have already been made behind closed doors.

So now my money is on the ‘burn’ and if he doesn’t make it, at least option two is a viable candidate.

Besides raking in the money, politics is about being cautious, not speaking the truth.

Well, here is a candidate who is not afraid to speak the truth.

In front of the whole world, this candidate had the guts to call a certain past president a liar.

Now, that’s what I call being honest and real and gutsy.

What you might call “presidential material.”

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