The yardstick

June.25. 2016

I had an interesting conversation with a Sufi master a few years ago. (I make it a point to visit him once a year.)

We were discussing certain spiritual teachers and so-called holy men and he made a point which made complete sense to me at the time.

He said, “True teachers never ask you for money, instead they give you money.”

What a revelation.

Especially in light of all the teachers and pastors out there who’s always begging you for money and more money. (So that they can do God’s work, they claim. Sure and a fancy mansion doesn’t hurt either.)

(And their failsafe rationale, that old 10% tithe. Yes, even if God wants your 10%, why give it to them? They’re not God.)

I believe this is the yardstick to measure all would-be “spiritual teachers” by.

Beware of all self-proclaimed prophets and random “Appointed Sons of God” who’s constantly got their hands outstretched begging you for more money so they can maintain their lavish lifestyles.

Those outstretched hands are immediate disqualifiers.

Instant red flags indicating they’re complete phonies, scam artists, frauds, preying on your need for more spirituality and meaning in your life.

But what is this about giving you money?

No, not literally of course, but you can probably figure this out yourself. Took me a while too.


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