The heart of lightness

July.1. 2016

Summer is a good time to be stuck in the heart of Borneo with not much else to do.

The dry season doesn’t help, too hot to venture outside, best to stay indoors and practice, and ponder life’s great mysteries and wait for moments of enlightenments.

And enlightenments there have been aplenty.

Not of the spiritual kind but more the mechanical kind.

As in aligning certain fingers to produce moments of magic, effortlessly rippling in perfect harmony.

A wise man once said, “Knock and the door shall open.” This same wise man also told of the patient old man who waited for his prodigal son to return and was rewarded in the end.

Well, in the heart of Borneo, the door did open wide, not once but three times and the prodigal son returned too, after thirty years in the wilderness.

A summer of endless discoveries.

As I find myself penetrating deeper and deeper into the heart of lightness.


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