Judging a book by its cover

July.8. 2016

People often say, don’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ve found that the reverse is true.

The best way to judge a book is by its cover.

There’s a reason it’s called a ‘cover’—it’s there to cover up something.

For example, I’ve found that people who pray a lot are the most dangerous.

Why do they need to pray so much?

Is it to cover up some unholy intentions inside?

People who are overly generous with their time and money—why are they so interested in helping other people?

Well, there’s a reason, which I call the Sandusky principle.

(This particular principle applies to older people who like to help young people, but you can change it to the Bill Cosby principle, in which case the target of the interest would involve a different segment of the population.)

Why the strong desire to help young people? Why not older folks who need the help more?

I find people who like to have titles appended to their names interesting too. (This seems to be a popular practice in some parts of the world.)

It used to be only politicians who sought these honors but now every Chong, Dick, and Ali with enough cash on hand are getting into the act.

Why the need for all these titles?

Is it to cover a lack of self-worth?

This is the ‘manufactured wood principle.’ If all you have is sawdust (and other crap) inside, better cover it up with some nice looking veneer outside.

Back to books.

These days, I never buy any book with a slick and overproduced cover.

That’s one sure indication that the contents are going to be pretty vapid.

If the book is really good, why would they need that fancy cover to try to sell it?

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