October.23. 2016

If you take a book and open it, and all you see inside are blank pages, or maybe just a thick piece of cardboard.

Is it still a book?

Or you take a car and you open the hood and inside is a gaping hole, no engine, no battery, no nothing.

Is it still a car?

Or you can make a sword out of paper mache and give it a shiny metallic coat of paint.

Does that make it a sword?

How do we define something?

By its appearance or is there something deeper?

To give a few more examples.

We can make something look like food out of Styrofoam, does that make it food?

Or we can make flowers out of plastic, does that make them flowers?

Or we can make a beginner guitar student sit and hold the guitar like a pro, does that make him a pro?

How do we define something?

For me, there’s something deeper.

Something that I call its essence.

A quality that defines it.

And that something is spirit, for lack of a better word.

This spirit has nothing to do with the supernatural.

When musicians say, ‘capture the spirit of a piece of music,’ they’re not alluding to anything supernatural, they’re just referring to that essence.

Understanding the spirit of a work helps them express it better.

The key to life, I’ve found is to disregard the external, the facade, and focus on the essence, the spirit.

The spirit is where you find truth.

Why is truth important?

Because as they say, truth will set you free.

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