Short story

December.18. 2016

The house was a simple house with wooden sidings and a carport in front.

He waited outside on the road for some time, for someone—it’s not clear for whom.

He thought he heard people in the house so he started his motorbike and went into the driveway towards the carport.

At first, he parked the bike facing in, but he realized he might have to leave in a hurry in which case he would not have time to back out, so he reversed the bike and parked it facing out into the driveway.

Looking into the yard, he saw his old neighbor, Mrs. Trevino. She was on her knees digging something in the ground.

He called out to her, “Mrs. Trevino, how are you?”

He could hear people talking in the house. On listening closer, it was his mother and sister. So they are already here, he thought.

It was at that time that he woke up.

Just a dream, although he could still hear his mother’s voice coming from the house, full of life and sounding so happy.

She had passed on two months before.

He wondered what house that was. And what was it about the cement at 3 dollars? The last time he bought them at the store in Rejang Park, they had cost only 1 ringgit a bag.

And what were they for? Could it be for some installation of some heater unit?

It wasn’t his old home on Herndon, but it looked so familiar.

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