Deciphering 2

May.4. 2017

The concept of metaphor is key to understanding ancient wisdom.

Take the passage in one ancient book which claimed that the Creator made man out of dust and breathe His spirit into him.

The passage is clearly telling us that we are all made of dust (which is true), but that there’s another dimension within us which is spiritual.

If you look around, the metaphor of dust and spirit applies to the rest of the universe as well.

Dust represents the material (physical) world and spirit the hidden energy within.

This differentiation applies to energy as well.

When we think of energy, we think mostly in terms of physical energy, but there’s another energy which is even more powerful and it’s spiritual.

It’s this spiritual energy that is at the heart of this wise man’s teachings.

The key to creating a good life here on earth, which he refers to as the kingdom of heaven, is to harness this spiritual energy.

Kingdom of heaven is a metaphor for a life that is filled with joy, meaning, and fulfillment. (Heaven being a metaphor for joy, its antithesis, hell a metaphor for joyless and pain.)

Again, his genius is in summarizing this energy into one simple line, “love your neighbor.”

Love is positive energy.

It creates and produces positive outcomes, it uplifts the world.

Most of all, it creates good positive outcomes in your life. In other words, it enables you to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

It’s easy to see how this works.

If you love your neighbor, they will love you back. When they love you back, they create a positive environment for you for you to grow and thrive.

Contrast that to negative energy.

Negative energy produces negative outcomes.

If you do something negative to someone, you cause that person to feel pain and anguish. In some cases,you might even cause resentment. And it’s never good to cause resentment because one day, that person will want to pay you back.

Not to mention that if the negative thing you did breaks the law, you might suffer the pain of being locked up one day.

This is all simple common sense.

According to this great teacher, the key to a good positive life is to fill the world with positive energy.

This however, doesn’t work all the time.

You might have heard of the perversity of human nature. Sometimes the more you give out positive energy, the more people will exploit you and your “stupidity.”

So what’s the wise man’s answer to this?

He has two: the first solution–offer the other cheek.

Presumably this would soften the other person’s heart but unfortunately, he did not live in the 21st century, and he hadn’t seen the depths of the perversity of human nature. In the eyes of those who will exploit your “stupidity,” this solution will make you look even more like a fool.

For those of us living in the 21st century, his other solution is more realistic–shake the dust off your feet and don’t bother going back into that town again.

Again a great metaphor for writing off those who would exploit your positive energy or who don’t deserve it.

Interesting that despite love being at the heart of his teaching, he would also advise us to give up on some people.

Most of the time, however, his message of the positive energy of love will create a world filled with love for you.

Love your neighbor and they will love you back.

Love what you do and you will accomplish anything you want.

In other words, fill your heart with the positive energy of love and you will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.


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