Internal evidence

May.5. 2017

One of the things that evangelists, especially televangelists, like to do is claim that “God” spoke to them.

It’s easy to be skeptical. Anyone can claim that God is speaking to them.

But I’ve since discovered that what they really mean is that they have an intuition or inspiration about something and they’re saying it’s God speaking to them through these intuitions.

And in a sense they are right. Inspirations do come from a mysterious place which no one can explain and the best thing is to attribute it to the Force in the universe.

This fact is not lost on the ancients.

For instance both the words inspire and spirit are derived from the same word “spirare” which means “breathe.”

To be inspired is to hear from the Spirit.

But what if the voices they heard are not from God but instead from the other guy?

In other words, what makes them so sure that what they’re hearing is the voice of God and not the adversary?

(Adversary here refers to the troublemaker, the downshifter, the one who destroys rather than build.)

From the content.

Among research scholars, it’s called internal evidence.

Let’s say you have a dubious work that is claimed to be the work of a great master, but there’s no external or physical proof to establish that.

So what do you do? You examine the work and try to determine if the content matches the content of other authenticated works of the master.

You determine authenticity through content.

In the same way, if someone claims that God spoke to them, look at the content of the message.

If the voice is telling them to do good, to make the world a more joyful place, it is likely it is coming from who they think it is.

But if it’s telling them to wreak havoc on the world and bring misery to their fellowmen, then it’s likely it’s from the other guy.

And if they still think it’s God’s voice telling them to do all these bad stuff, maybe they’re actually worshiping the wrong guy, they’re worshiping the troublemaker.


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