A question of nomenclature

May.25. 2017

I’ve used a few different words to refer to the Creator.

Creator–that’s one.

The Force is another (apologies to GL).

Some people use the word–the Source.

An old Master called Her the Way and Mother.

You can of course use the word God–but that word has been coopted so much by evildoers and opportunists that it doesn’t mean much these days any more.

Yes, you can also use the A-word but there’s a group of people who believe they have the exclusive right to use that word. (I think they own the trade mark.)

Then it came to me, the best word to describe the force, the energy, the spirit of the universe, the one who created and filled the world with life and energy and love and beauty.


(Which brings us back to the genius of the wise man who first used this word to describe Him.)

“Father” describes Him perfectly.

It explains and describes the one who gave us life and the love in that creation.

(Not human love of course, as many would try to project onto Him. As the Old Master also said, The Way is not Humane.)


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