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The search

July.15. 2017

How did a search for the secrets of the guitar turn into a search for the secrets of the universe?

Maybe not as farfetched as it sounds.

The universe exists in simple patterns that replicate themselves at different levels, from the micro to the super macro.

If you can identify these patterns, you can pretty much deduce other things from these basic patterns.

Take the Big Bang, if it is indeed true, could it be just part of a pulsation?

After all, everything in the universe operates in pulses. It’s hard to imagine just one event, like having the earth go around the sun just once.

But I digress.

My search for the secret to that great guitar technique led me to understand one thing.

Everything can be reduced to its most basic elements.

In fact, many things can be reduced to just one basic underlying principle.

Once you identify this basic principle, you can master anything in that realm.

That led me to think, is there some basic underlying principle to the universe and to life itself?

If you’ve read my earlier musings, you can probably see the evolution in my thinking and how and where this is leading to.

Yes, it all comes down to energy.

Energy is at the heart of all living things and the universe, being a living and breathing thing, exists through energy.

The key to understanding it and therefore to life itself is to understand the flow of this energy and how it operates and harness it so we can create a good life.

Next, two types of energy.