Two types of energy

August.12. 2017

There’re two types of energy in the universe.

Physical energy and spiritual energy.

To illustrate this, let’s take the simple act of playing the guitar (something which I know a little about).

To play guitar, you need the energy in your fingers to pluck the strings, but you also need the energy within you to make you want to sit down and play it.

The former is physical energy, the latter spiritual energy. (Spiritual because it comes from your spirit.)

It’s the latter that I’m interested in.

Because if you have it, the physical energy will come on its own.

Spiritual energy comes from the soul, the deepest part within us.

It’s the unfathomable.

Some people seem to be filled with it while others seem to lack it.

You see it in those who are filled with spiritual energy.

They bubble with life, they’re driven. They know where they want to go and they get there.

While those who lack this are listless, they’re incapable even of getting out of bed.

They have no clue where they want to go. To them, life is one big drag and at the end of the day, they blame everyone and everything except themselves for their miserable life.

My main interest has been the source of this mysterious energy.

Why do some people seem to be blessed with it and others not?

The answer lies in equilibrium or rather the lack of it.

Equilibrium creates a comfort zone.

Everything is exactly is it should be. It’s like water lying at its lowest level. In this state, there’s really no incentive, no reason for change.

Why should you change when everything is exactly the way it should be?

And so no energy is created.

But if you create disequlibirum, if you bring water to a higher level, it wants to move to the lower level.

And so movement is created and in this movement energy is produced.

In the same way, if things are in disequlibirum, the movement back to equilibrium will produce energy. (Like water at a higher level moving to lower ground, disequilibrium will always cause a movement towards equilibrium.)

And therein lies the cause of a major disease among many people who are too blessed with the good things of life.

Their lives are in a state of complete equilibrium.

There’s no need for them to make any move.

And so no energy is created.

But when a person is not so blessed and he looks around and he sees all the comforts of life which are denied him.

The desire to get into a better level produces energy. People look at him and they say, that man is driven.

There’s no deep philosophy behind this, no earth shattering truths.

It’s as simple as understanding that a state of disequilibrium will produce a movement towards equilibrium.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of psychologists and academics who’ll try to disprove this assertion and probably do many scientific tests to try to produce the empirical evidence to refute this.

But look around you at the affluenza epidemic afflicting our young these days, that’s all the empirical data you need.


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