Two types of energies/2

August.14. 2017

There’re a few things about spiritual energy which differentiates it from physical energy.

First, spiritual energy (we’re talking about human spiritual energy here) has moralistic overtones.

That’s because spiritual energy takes on the characteristics of what it’s associated with.

And humans are judgmental.

Things are separated into good and bad, positive and negative.

Good is whatever impacts them in a good way, bad whatever impacts them in a bad way.

So when you release energy into the universe, your energy will be colored with human values of good and bad.

This is important to know if you’re concerned about the impact of your energy on the universe.

(Especially when you combine it with the next law which is that energy released into the universe stays in the universe.)

Most of the time, the impact of your energy on the universe is predictable.

Good energy produces good outcomes, bad energy bad outcomes.

But because good and bad is subjective (what you think is good may actually be bad for someone else), there is some unpredictability here.

In this case, keen sensitivity to others is important.

So that you only release the energy that will produce the outcome you’re looking for.

But this will only work under normal conditions.

There will always be the occasional perverted individuals—whatever energy you release will be subject to the interpretations of their twisted minds.

It can also happen when you meet with spirits that are insensitive.

In which case, they will miss whatever intentions are in your energy—good and bad has no meaning for them.

And then there’re the individuals who are so filled with negative energy, all energy that they encounter is interpreted as negative energy.

With these individuals, the best thing to do is to stay out of their way.

Any energy you release to them will produce negative outcomes.

Bar these exceptional situations and under normal conditions, good energy will produce good outcomes and bad energy bad outcomes.


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