Two types of energy/3

August.15. 2017

Second, once it’s released into the universe, spiritual energy stays in the universe.

(It’s important to note that this is in the spiritual realm, not the physical, meaning it doesn’t exist as a physical force out in the universe, but rather in the spirit only.)

This has two implications.

First, you can actually cash in on the spiritual energy that you had released earlier.

For example, if you release energy today (in the way of certain actions), you can recall that energy another day.

This is useful to know because that means you can accumulate and store energy in the universe and recall it when you need it.

That’s assuming you’re releasing good energy.

Because if you release bad energy, that bad energy also stays in the universe.

And this is the problem, it will come back to haunt you one day.

Because all spiritual energy is tethered to its source and returns to its source.

You can try to forget it or pretend it’s not there, but it has a homing instinct (and a long memory) and will return one day and usually at the most unexpected and inconvenient times.

Another useful thing to know if you want to avoid a nasty surprise one day.

In tandem with this law is that, and this is the third law of energy, energy released to the universe stays in the form it was released in.

That means if you release bad energy, that bad energy stays as bad energy in the universe.

You can try to neutralize it by releasing good energy after it, and that might work or it might not.

Which means that you have to be careful about what kind of energy you release to the universe.

If you release good energy, you will create a reservoir of goodwill out there.

Release bad energy, and you will have to live with its consequences too.


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