Two types of energy/4

August.16. 2017

Fourth, spiritual energy has a transformative property.

Meaning you can sometimes change negative energy into positive energy (and vice versa) simply by the sheer force of your energy.

But only if your energy is more powerful than the energy you’re encountering.

If it’s weaker, the reverse could happen—the energy you encounter could change your energy.

This is why the company you keep is important.

Associate with a bunch of negative people and you’re likely to become one yourself, unless you’re so driven and filled with positive energy, you can actually change their negativity into positivity.

Fifth, the impact of your energy is directly proportionate to the energy you release.

In other words, don’t expect to release ten minutes of energy and expect to reap a ten hour benefit.

Whatever energy you put into the universe is what you will get out of it.

In this sense energy and outcomes are directly tied together.

This is important to know so it doesn’t lead to unrealistic expectations.

For example, if you only spend five minutes a day playing guitar, don’t expect to be as good as someone who’s spending five hours a day playing it.

Or if you spend zero hours tending your garden, expect to see a jungle out there.

As they say, there’s no free lunch.

What you put into the universe is what you get out of it.

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