Two types of energy/5

August.16. 2017

Sixth, you can’t hoard spiritual energy and expect to use it at a future time.

Spiritual energy that is not used is simply lost.

This is the main difference between physical and spiritual energy.

With physical energy, the more you use of it, the less you have of it.

With spiritual energy, the more you use of it, the more you have of it. And if you don’t use it, you will lose whatever you have of it.

This is a strange phenomenon.

Sometimes the hardest thing in doing something is getting started.

Once you get started, your energy will feed on itself, and in so doing, your spirit is being renewed.

Like playing guitar, the more you play, the better you get. This produces a sense of euphoria which turns into more energy which in turn feeds your spirit even more.

But if you do not start playing, soon even the little energy you have will disappear.

Seventh, energy has no agenda and no purpose. You have to direct its flow and give it purpose. Otherwise it dissipates itself randomly.

All the energy you have is absolutely worthless if it’s not directed at something and used productively.

You may say this is a matter of personal philosophy.

That what we decide to do with our energy is our business and no one is to say that using it productively or wasting it away is better than the other.

Sure it’s a matter of personal choice but is it natural?

Look to nature and you will see direction and purpose in all its manifestations of life and energy.

From ants scurrying around tirelessly, to birds building nests out of little twigs, even to mosquitoes feeding on your arm, nature’s energy is filled with purpose and meaning.

The concept of a purposeless and productivity-less existence is a concept peculiar to human beings, fed no doubt by those who would try to control you.

Because if you have no purpose and no productivity, someone will have to provide for you.

And once you get into this dependency trap and become beholden to them, you’ve effectively become their slave.


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