The question of God

October.12. 2017

Just saw part of a documentary about C S Lewis on PBS. No, I must say I did not watch the whole program (or programs), which is just as well.

The show is basically a bunch of academic fluff and apologia that do not address the big question.

(What big question? The one that’s preoccupied me in the last few posts.)

Instead, it’s the usual fare of wordplay and concepts couched in impressive pseudo profound verbiage.

For instance, what does myth have to do with reality?

How does one get from myth that is rooted in pure fantasy to one that is based on faith-based “reality”?

If the myth is that the earth is flat, and my blind faith tells me that it’s flat, does that make it flat?

As Lewis himself said, myths are lies.

And I will add, no amount of blind faith in a lie will turn it into fact.

Our human preoccupation with rituals, and myths and superstitions are attempts to enter into a deeper spirituality.

But all they do is take us away from our spirituality.

Once you start believing in these myths and rituals, they become substitutes to the real thing. God disappears and all you’re concerned about are these myths and lies.

Instead of connecting to the Creator, you’re just obsessing about how many times you should pray and what kind of words will be pleasing to Him/Her.

No, myths and ritual are the source of evil and ignorance.

They do not connect us to the Creator; they separate us from Him/Her.

Just look at the religious nutcases out there and you will see it’s their particular myths and rituals (which they guard so jealously and which they use to separate themselves from the “non-believers”) that are turning them into self-righteous evil-doers.

One Response to “The question of God”

  1. Craig Says:

    Pointing at the moon, most of the time all I can see is my finger. Even those/these symbols occlude their intended meaning.

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