An aside

December.19. 2017

Perhaps all this may sound a little mercenary to you.

Surely life is more than just calculating how much you’re going to get from this or that positive energy, and calculating how much you must put out in order to get what you want.

In any case, should you even be expecting anything in return?

Good and fair question.

The first answer is yes, most of the time, when we release positive energy, we should do it with no expectations of any kind.

If fact, if you were to do it with expectations (strings attached), the full effect of your energy will be blunted.

It would seem too calculated and yes, maybe even insincere.

So you must do it with no expectations of any future return. Do it with love. That’s where this energy is supposed to comes from. That’s why it’s called the energy of love.

But despite your best intentions, once the energy is released, human nature will come into play.

To give a simple example.

Let’s say you’ve been very generous to someone. You’ve been there for them through thick and thin. And you’ve given of yourself freely and generously with no thought of any future return.

Then one day, you needed this person’s help, and they’re nowhere to be found. In fact, you know they’re trying to avoid you.

Will you feel disappointed? Or let down?

That’s completely reasonable.

Sure when you were there for them, you did it with no expectations, but when the roles are reversed, you’re perfectly right to expect them to be there.

There’s nothing unreasonable about it.

This is that “calculative” aspect. It’s not built into your energy, but nevertheless, it’s perfectly fair for you to expect reciprocative action when you needed it.

Here’s another example of how the reciprocative principle works and how so few of us are immune from it.

Suppose you work in an organization, perhaps a music school.

And you do not support any of your colleague’s activities. Maybe because you’ve been doing it for over twenty years and you’re a little burned out.

Or maybe you’re exhausted at the end of every workday and you don’t want to hear another note of music.

Whatever it is, you do not go to their performances.

Now, do you expect any of them to show up at your performances?

If you do, you’re either a fool or an egotist. Why should they come to your performance if you don’t go to theirs?

Here, the law of a two-way dynamic exchange works with extreme clarity.

If you don’t support them, if you don’t go to their performances, don’t expect them to support you and come to yours.

And if it’s really important to you that they come to your performances, then perhaps you should start going to their performances first.

You might be amazed at how efficient the law of reciprocation is.

If you start going to their performances, I guarantee they will start coming to yours.

That’s the law of the energy of love, if they start receiving love from you, they will start sending love back to you.

No altruism, no charity, just looking out for number one.

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