A Definition 2

December.20. 2017

A definition of a greatly overused word:

Love is an energy.

It is not a feeling or emotion as some will tell you.

If love is a feeling, all you need to do is feel love for someone and that should be enough to declare your love for that thing or person.

But we know that’s not enough.

Consider if you will, your pet (dog, cat, or canary, etc) which you love dearly.

Now, if all you do is feel love for that pet all day long but you don’t do anything for it (you don’t translate your feelings into action) and the pet dies of neglect.

Will anyone believe you if you say you love it?

And your dead pet would probably not appreciate your love that much.

In some cultures, love is mostly a word, not even a feeling, and it is used freely, usually as part of some pleasantries

But as they say, words are cheap.

You can tell your pet dog you love it all day long but those words mean absolutely nothing if that’s all you do.

But if you shower your pet with love and feed it and nurture it, you wouldn’t need to say anything, the love is in your actions.

Love is manifested in action and energy, always towards good positive outcomes.


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