An exchange

December.20. 2017

Unlike other energies, the energy of love does not work unilaterally.

For example, gravity is unilateral.

It’s always there, it requires nothing from you. You want to tap into it, just create the right conditions and it will work for you effortlessly.

But not the energy of love.

The energy of love operates as a flow, an exchange of energy rather than a one-sided affair.

It comes down to one basic principle.

To access it, you must first release some yourself.

For example, if you want someone to love and care for you, you must first love and care for them.

This law works in every instance.

For example if you shower your pet with positive energy, it will respond with positive energy. Even wild animals are not immune to this law.

If you take care of your plants, it will respond by filling your house with its sweet perfume.

You can try to access this energy simply by demanding it, or you can try to force it to come to you, but you will not succeed.

In fact, the more you demand that energy to come to you, the less of it will come.

The only way to access the energy is by first producing it yourself.

And then spreading it around.

Over time, this energy that you send out will begin to attract other like energy and soon you will be surrounded by it.


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