Puts you in control

December.20. 2017

Knowing how the energy of love works puts you in control.

You’ll be able to precisely determine and control how much of it you want in your life.

If you want more love, just release more love. If you want less, release less.

But why would we want to release less?

Because our time and resources are limited. There’s not enough time in the day to release all the positive energy you want to release.

So we have to prioritize.

There’s a simple way to do this.

Simply balance the output of your energy with its potential return.

If the output far outweighs the return, it’s low priority. If the output is low compared to the return, it’s high priority.

For example, if you want to do a favor for someone but it entails an enormous investment of time, maybe it’s not worth the effort.

Best to conserve your resources for more worthwhile things.

Next, consider the value of the return to you.

If it’s of high value to you, then put in all the resources you need to make it happen.

For example, if it’s really important to you that people like you, make sure you invest time in liking them first.

You’ll be amazed at how reliable this law is.

Thats because people are, by and large, predictable because human nature is predictable (to a certain extent. We’ll discuss the exceptions in a while.)

If it’s not that important, save your resources for something else.

The law works even in activities.

Again, we do not the time to do everything we would love to do.

So you have to prioritize and reserve your resources for the activities that are most meaningful to you (gives you the most joy).

If you can’t decide and you spread out your energy to everything you want to do, you risk not releasing enough energy to any of them, and the return to you will be minuscule too.

For instance, playing guitar.

If you love the guitar, but you love your dog, and you love gardening too, all those other activities will sap and dilute your energy, and you will not have enough time to play the guitar.

Your dog will love you and your yard will look beautiful, but your guitar skills will probably not be where you want them to be.

The great thing about knowing how the energy of love works is that it takes the blame out of things.

You have full control over your destiny (well, maybe not full because there are exceptions.)

So there’s no need to feel sorry for yourself if you feel neglected or if you feel alone.

Just start releasing good positive energy, exude warmth and friendliness, be kind, be generous, and the friends will come.

You might say, why should you be the first to initiate the flow?

You could wait for others to initiate the move, but it could be a long wait.

The universe is complex. Some people may be shy and do not like to make the first move, others may have been burned before, so they’re wary about initiating. There’re any number of reasons.

But what happens if the law doesn’t work and the expected return does not materialize? (The friends do not come.)

(The question of expectations is another issue altogether and will be explored later.)

If it has no response, forget it and move on. As the great Teacher said, shake the dust from your feet and don’t go back.

This brings us to the question of exceptions to the rule.


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