January.9. 2018

The energy of love works amazingly well.

It’s efficient and reliable. To get your desired results, just push the button, spread the positive energy all around and people will respond.

Well, not always.

The universe is complex and human nature irrational.

The law will not work when it meets a certain segment of the population.

Starting with the entitled leeches of the world.

These egocentric individuals want everything from the world but they will give nothing back.

Somehow, they feel the universe was created only to serve them and their needs.

Avoid these delusional types for they will suck you dry before they move on to their next victim.

Then there’re those with extremely short memories.

Whatever you do for them is immediately forgotten the next day. Which makes it very convenient for them.

If you don’t remember what people have done for you, there’s no need to give back.

Next are the negative types.

They’re so twisted they’re incapable of receiving love. All energy they encounter is interpreted as negative energy.

So they could be drowning and you reach out a hand to help them, and they’ll blame you for why they’re drowning.

They’re the proverbial ingrates who will “bite the hands that feed them.”

Avoid these people for they will poison your world with their toxic energy.

With all these exceptions, the only thing you can do is to avoid them.

As the great master taught, “When they reject you, shake the dust from your feet and move on.”


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