An exercise in futility

April.28. 2018

The vastness of our current known universe is beyond mind boggling.

Somehow, to imagine that God is some white bearded old man residing up in the ‘heavens’ is as ludicrous as the old version of God as the sun.

So how are we to make of all this?

The first lesson is that all attempts to understand God is an exercise in futility. As is evident in all prior attempts.

A finite mind simply cannot comprehend an infinite concept.

But we waste enough time on many other useless pursuits, so why not an attempt to figure out God?

One of the key themes in many religions is the idea of a God who is personally interested in each one of us.

I used to think that it is a direct reflection of our egocentric nature.

Who are we, to think that the supreme Almighty would even bother with each one of us?

Until I thought of gravity.

Gravity doesn’t differentiate; it affects everything, from the largest supernova to the tiniest subatomic particle.

It’s a universal force that has everything in its embrace (for our discussion, we won’t try to figure out what it is exactly, whether it’s a force or simply warped space.)

So if we think of God as some universal force, like gravity, yes, it’s not too far fetched to think that it would affect all of us at a personal level.

(In this regard, you might say Mr. Lucas may not be too far off in his understanding of God.)

Whatever it is, we can safely say that God is not some being out there that’s constantly testing us and demanding our ‘obedience.’

Or dangling a carrot in the form of some heavenly paradise or a stick in the form of an eternal fire.

Or the scenario where God had to send his ‘son’ to suffer some indescribable torture and death so that mankind can be ‘redeemed.’

And to add more credence to this scenario, the ‘son’ will come again in some future time to set up an earthly kingdom where he will reign for 1000 years!

You decide where this careful and elaborate scenario lies on your plausibility index.

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