The purpose/3

June.1. 2018

You might think of life as a journey (yes, another well worn cliché which you’ve probably heard of many times before, but bear with me) that takes you from one place to another.

Temporally and sometimes physically too.

Every journey has two basic components.

First, a destination, then the means to getting there.

The destination is usually not a problem. (If it’s a problem, then perhaps you should stop reading right now because none of the following will make sense.)

The means to getting there is usually the problem.

Because it requires three essential elements, absent which will mean certain failure.

First, it requires energy which we might call the engine component (the engine is anything that generates power to drive you forward).

It requires knowledge of the way to getting there, which we might call the navigator component.

And finally it requires a control mechanism that coordinates all this and gets you there, something we might call the captain component.

Yes, you got the analogy, it’s like a boat which you have to navigate it through calm and treacherous waters.

So if you want to reach your destination, better make sure you have a captain that will ensure that what needs to get done is done.

A navigator who will steer you through rough waters and away from rocks.

And most importantly a means to propel yourself forward.

Simple premise, and absolutely critical to living a fulfilling life.

Because fulfillment implies getting to your destination, whatever it may be.


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