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Some thoughts on Easter

April.2. 2018

Very fitting it is, in this Holy Week, for the Holy Father to come out and say there’s no hell.

Yes, very timely, but you and I have known that all along.

Hell is a fictitious place made up by the same bureaucrats who made up purgatory and limbo.

But it got me to thinking about the afterlife—something I normally don’t waste a lot of time on.

After all, what’s there is there, and no amount of believing or denying will get us anywhere or change anything.

But it got me thinking.

When it comes to the afterlife, there’re really only two realities out there.

Either we survive as spirits in the afterlife or we ‘disappear’ as the Holy Father said. There is no third option—the option of a physical afterlife.

(How do I know this? Because when we measure it with our plausibility index, it ranks up there with Santa.)

But can our spirit survive without the corporeal body?

Common sense seems to say no. The spirit of a thing is dependent for its existence on its physical being.

A tree has a life force or spirit within. That life force is what draws water and nutrients from the ground up its roots and into its branches and leaves.

It’s what helps the tree to manufacture food from sunlight.

But when the tree dies, does that life force linger on?

Highly unlikely.

But suppose that our spirit lives on after we’ve long returned to dust.

Suppose it’s lingering on in that twilight zone between the dead and the living. And it can see its past life on earth.

At that point, hell might be all the regrets that it experiences, knowing that whatever is done can never be undone. It’s all too late.

This presupposes that it has gained a certain level of enlightenment.

Regrets only afflict those with a conscience.

Who knows if evil people who don’t have a conscience in this physical world will get a conscience when they get to the afterlife and become spirits?

I suppose without the material world encumbering their spirits, this could be very possible.

These are all conjectures of course. All harmless surmising that one does when one has nothing better to do.

But there is one thing that is not conjecture.

And that is that the spirits of those who have passed on sometimes do live on.

They live on in those they left behind.

All the good deeds and love they spread around when they were in this world continue to be felt and experienced by those who they touched long after they have passed on.

I know that for a fact because I know the spirit of my parents live on in me.

And in this sense, they are still very much present in this world, at least their spirits are.


The Laws of Spiritual Energy on Amazon

February.23. 2018

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Another compilation

January.14. 2018

Another compilation of some previous posts. (Had to add captcha protection to defeat spambots.)

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The Energy of Love

The myth of entitled love

January.9. 2018

There is a myth that says love is unconditional, that you deserve love just by being you.

Because you’re special.

The world owes you everything and you owe it nothing.

This is part of our entitlement culture.

A culture based on taking and taking, and never giving back.

A culture that says you deserve everything in the world without having to work for it.

So for instance, you’ve probably heard that well-known admonishment, usually heard in the context of parental love but sometimes in personal relationships.

“If you don’t do this, I’ll ‘withdraw’ my love for you.”

There is nothing wrong with this admonishment—it is completely in line with the law of spiritual energy, that you don’t get what you don’t deserve.

But for some reason, this admonishment has been much maligned these days, usually by so-called ‘experts’ in the field of human psychology.

They call this being “manipulative.”

Far from being manipulative, the admonishment is more a reminder of the universal law of love, that in order to receive, you must first give.

The myth of entitled love, also known as unconditional love, is at the heart of the affluenza epidemic afflicting the young these days.

They have been indoctrinated from young that they deserve everything without having to give anything back.

In the real world, of course, the unwritten law of love is that it is reciprocative, it is a two-way street.

If you don’t send me love, don’t expect any love from me.

If you don’t support me, don’t expect me to support you.

If you don’t come to my concerts, don’t expect me to come to yours.

If you don’t scratch my back, don’t expect me to scratch yours.

If you don’t show your love for me by doing this, don’t expect me to continue to love you.


January.9. 2018

The energy of love works amazingly well.

It’s efficient and reliable. To get your desired results, just push the button, spread the positive energy all around and people will respond.

Well, not always.

The universe is complex and human nature irrational.

The law will not work when it meets a certain segment of the population.

Starting with the entitled leeches of the world.

These egocentric individuals want everything from the world but they will give nothing back.

Somehow, they feel the universe was created only to serve them and their needs.

Avoid these delusional types for they will suck you dry before they move on to their next victim.

Then there’re those with extremely short memories.

Whatever you do for them is immediately forgotten the next day. Which makes it very convenient for them.

If you don’t remember what people have done for you, there’s no need to give back.

Next are the negative types.

They’re so twisted they’re incapable of receiving love. All energy they encounter is interpreted as negative energy.

So they could be drowning and you reach out a hand to help them, and they’ll blame you for why they’re drowning.

They’re the proverbial ingrates who will “bite the hands that feed them.”

Avoid these people for they will poison your world with their toxic energy.

With all these exceptions, the only thing you can do is to avoid them.

As the great master taught, “When they reject you, shake the dust from your feet and move on.”

Prologue 2

December.21. 2017

Another prologue to a few previous articles:


Positive energy—energy that has a positive impact on the universe—is also known by another name.


Love is pure energy.

It is positive because it uplifts everything it touches and creates good positive outcomes.

We are familiar with some of its other versions.

Especially the glamorized and romanticized versions of our modern world (a version created by capitalistic dream merchants).

That version too has some validity but it’s only a small part of the energy that is love.

The real energy of love is all encompassing.

It is a universal energy that fills the world with joy and goodness.

Knowing how it operates is key to harnessing it to create a good life, a life filled with success and abundance.

And control your destiny in the process.

Unexpected harvest

December.21. 2017

When you love something, when you do something with love, that love results in extraordinariness, in works of beauty and perfection.

And the result is abundance.

Abundance not just in our spirit but in our physical wealth.

This is an interesting side effect, an unintended consequence of love.

When we pursue spiritual quests, we do not do it for physical gain.

But the positive energy, the joy that you spread around will bring with it unexpected rewards.

And one of these is material gain.

It happens in one of two ways.

First, if you’re generous with your time and resources, you create a sea of goodwill around you.

And those that are bathed in your good spirit will want to pay you back.

And they will pay you back in spirit by giving you warmth and comfort and sometimes in material wealth too.

This is just human nature at work.

If someone does you a good turn, you would try to find a way to pay it back. (Assuming that you are blessed with the spirit of goodness in your heart.)

And you would do it any way you can.

This would include sharing your good fortune and opportunities.

And opportunities is one of the ways that nature bestows its abundance on you, bringing with it unexpected harvests.

Second, if you shower love and positive energy on what you do, that love and positive energy will result in greatness.

And this greatness will be evident to all. People will see the great care and pride you take in your work.

It’s not just a job but a spiritual exercise to you

Word will spread around of your extraordinary workmanship and dedication to your work and soon, you will have more work than you can handle.

Contrast this to if you were to do a quick slapdash job, and you couldn’t wait to be done with the job so you could go home.

This attitude too will be evident in your work

Word will spread of your lack of dedication and shoddy workmanship and you can be sure you won’t be getting many calls.

This is the basis of that famous maxim that one father taught his famous son.

“Whatever you do, be the best in the world when you do it. Even if you’re a ditch digger, be the best ditch digger in the world.”


Whatever you do, do it with love and positive energy, and success and wealth will flow to you.

Another example of how nature and the universe often work—in indirect and unexpected ways.

Puts you in control

December.20. 2017

Knowing how the energy of love works puts you in control.

You’ll be able to precisely determine and control how much of it you want in your life.

If you want more love, just release more love. If you want less, release less.

But why would we want to release less?

Because our time and resources are limited. There’s not enough time in the day to release all the positive energy you want to release.

So we have to prioritize.

There’s a simple way to do this.

Simply balance the output of your energy with its potential return.

If the output far outweighs the return, it’s low priority. If the output is low compared to the return, it’s high priority.

For example, if you want to do a favor for someone but it entails an enormous investment of time, maybe it’s not worth the effort.

Best to conserve your resources for more worthwhile things.

Next, consider the value of the return to you.

If it’s of high value to you, then put in all the resources you need to make it happen.

For example, if it’s really important to you that people like you, make sure you invest time in liking them first.

You’ll be amazed at how reliable this law is.

Thats because people are, by and large, predictable because human nature is predictable (to a certain extent. We’ll discuss the exceptions in a while.)

If it’s not that important, save your resources for something else.

The law works even in activities.

Again, we do not the time to do everything we would love to do.

So you have to prioritize and reserve your resources for the activities that are most meaningful to you (gives you the most joy).

If you can’t decide and you spread out your energy to everything you want to do, you risk not releasing enough energy to any of them, and the return to you will be minuscule too.

For instance, playing guitar.

If you love the guitar, but you love your dog, and you love gardening too, all those other activities will sap and dilute your energy, and you will not have enough time to play the guitar.

Your dog will love you and your yard will look beautiful, but your guitar skills will probably not be where you want them to be.

The great thing about knowing how the energy of love works is that it takes the blame out of things.

You have full control over your destiny (well, maybe not full because there are exceptions.)

So there’s no need to feel sorry for yourself if you feel neglected or if you feel alone.

Just start releasing good positive energy, exude warmth and friendliness, be kind, be generous, and the friends will come.

You might say, why should you be the first to initiate the flow?

You could wait for others to initiate the move, but it could be a long wait.

The universe is complex. Some people may be shy and do not like to make the first move, others may have been burned before, so they’re wary about initiating. There’re any number of reasons.

But what happens if the law doesn’t work and the expected return does not materialize? (The friends do not come.)

(The question of expectations is another issue altogether and will be explored later.)

If it has no response, forget it and move on. As the great Teacher said, shake the dust from your feet and don’t go back.

This brings us to the question of exceptions to the rule.



December.20. 2017

The main thing about the energy of love is that it is a dynamic and responsive thing.

The more energy you send out, the more you receive.

It works in reverse too, if you’re stingy with your energy, you will expect the universe to be stingy with its love energy too.

Perhaps one of the best lessons of love’s energy is one I learned from my mother.

One day, on one of my trips to Borneo, she said to me, “Go and take a look at that plant. It’s such a nuisance. I’ve tended and looked after it for over a year and still nothing, not even a flower. If it’s not going to grow any flowers, just pull it out and throw it into the rubbish.”

That’s the lesson of love’s energy in a nutshell.

Love exists in a dynamic exchange.

To tap it, you must be generous with your own energy first.

If you’re stingy with it, if you give nothing back, you risk stopping its flow.

An exchange

December.20. 2017

Unlike other energies, the energy of love does not work unilaterally.

For example, gravity is unilateral.

It’s always there, it requires nothing from you. You want to tap into it, just create the right conditions and it will work for you effortlessly.

But not the energy of love.

The energy of love operates as a flow, an exchange of energy rather than a one-sided affair.

It comes down to one basic principle.

To access it, you must first release some yourself.

For example, if you want someone to love and care for you, you must first love and care for them.

This law works in every instance.

For example if you shower your pet with positive energy, it will respond with positive energy. Even wild animals are not immune to this law.

If you take care of your plants, it will respond by filling your house with its sweet perfume.

You can try to access this energy simply by demanding it, or you can try to force it to come to you, but you will not succeed.

In fact, the more you demand that energy to come to you, the less of it will come.

The only way to access the energy is by first producing it yourself.

And then spreading it around.

Over time, this energy that you send out will begin to attract other like energy and soon you will be surrounded by it.